Our Approach

eVision's Cloud Sourcing is a new approach to the auctioning of capital intensive tangibles and intangibles such as Intellectual Property, Real Estate, and Equipment. By creating a secure and transparent online environment for buyers of these goods, those buyers will ultimately increase their bids to be more competitive, thus resulting in maximum earnings for the seller.

But that is not the end of the story. eVision is committed to maximum security, total agility and seamless integration as a part of the Cloud Sourcing process.

Maximum Security
An array of anti-fraud and identity verification measures, tested and refined amongst large enterprises, government entities and public sector organizations, ensure sellers a safe and secure auction process, which adheres to the highest levels of procurement regulations. Also, because of the advanced security surrounding eVision's Cloud Sourcing platform, management of the auction process can be effectively executed in real-time from the office or on the go.

Total Agility
Cloud Sourcing agility is both the ability to manage the auction process from your computer or mobile device, as well as adjust the auction parameters after the start of the bidding.

Seamless Integration
Simple – Cloud Sourcing clients can quickly integrate this platform into pre-existing procurement or ERP software. Think of us as an added component to your online procurement capabilities designed to optimize the online auction process.

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