Key Features

Anti-Fraud and Identity Verification – available on a need be basis

  • Smart card ID authentication
  • OTP – One Time Password authentication
  • PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) for maximum authentication
  • Digital signature
  • SMS and email verification
  • Full, self-signed auditing system
  • Measures to prevent unauthorized opening of 'tender envelopes'

Real-Time Functionality

  • Advanced security allows for real-time functionality where tenders can be adjusted mid-process via mobile device or computers

    Advanced Tender Building Wizard

    • A unique tool which enables customers to build, on their own and in a matter of minutes, a range of tenders from the simplest to the most complex


      • Multiple currencies can be used in the tender process and conversion between those currencies can be done mid-tender


        • Multiple language options are available to allow for viewing of each tender in the language of the user’s choice.

          Process Simulator

          • Testing out the tender process and corresponding scenarios before going 'live'.

            Mixed Methodologies

            • Various methodologies such as Envelope and Sealed Box available for conducting tender.

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