Cloud Sourcing Overview

eVision Cloud Sourcing (eCS) is just one of the unique platforms in our suite of Cloud Commerce solutions, providing sellers of capital intensive goods, such as Intellectual Property, Real Estate and Equipment, a tool to streamline operations and maximize revenues from the auction process.

To optimize this aspect of electronic auctioning, eVision has created a unique online environment built around maximum security, total agility and seamless integration – giving sellers the confidence to conduct multiple auctions simultaneously, in real-time, from the office or on the go, in conjunction with pre-existing sourcing software, while eliminating the chance of fraud through advanced anti-fraud technologies.

Additionally, eVision's commitment to full transparency in the auction process gives sellers the ability to review and change bidding parameters mid-auction, and in parallel, increase purchase prices as buyers improve their bids to be more competitive.

A win-win situation whereby the highest bidder gets the product or service and the seller maximizes revenues in a time and cost effective manner.

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