• Guy Horesh


    With over 18 years of managment and business development experience guy has led various companies, mature and start up, in meeting their business targets.

    Guy was involved in companies and projects which included technology incubators, online advertising, online financial loans, telecom, internet, retail etc. and led many global business development projects in The US, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific.

    Guy is a guest reporter in various online magazines and publishes articles in the area of business, management, start up and venture capital.

    Prior to e Vision, Guy held several executive positions in corporations such as Globalone (France Telecom Group), Infonet BT (British Telecom Group) and Motorola.

    Guy is a certified lawyer and holds an MBA degree from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

  • Amir Malach


    Amir has over 25 years of managerial-level experience from the Israeli Air Force, where among his many duties- he served as Head of Budget Department (CFO), Head of Economics Branch and Head of Budgets Branch. Amir has vast experience in the planning and execution of higly complicated and  resourced multiyear programs; Managing large acquisition programs - pricing, requisition documents, negotiation; Implementing advance acquisition methods (BPH, BOT, PFI); Initiating cost reduction programs. Amir holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and an MBA degree.

  • Pinhas Rozenblum


    As Chief Technology Officer at Israel's eGovernment, Pinhas was responsible for the organization's technology, architecture and integration, which won him numerous awards, and are at the core of eVision's current tender system and security infrastructure.

  • Shmuel Oppenheimer

    VP R&D

    As an expert in encryption, messaging, hosted solutions, public key infrastructure (PKI) and application development, Shmuel is responsible for leading the design of eVision's product infrastructure, as well as aligning technical and business strategies. Prior to joining eVision, Shmuel was Head of Development for the IT division attached to Israel's Ministry of Finance. His role included, but was not exclusive to, providing the government with secure web and web hosting solutions – an essential component to the Israeli government's ability to operate effectively online.

  • Ido Gold

    R&D Team Leader

    Ido speciliazes in the development of complexed features with incredible ability to create customized solutions for our customers various e procurment needs and requirments. A unique combination of in depth software capabilities and "out of the box" thinking has made a big differrence to the buttom line results of our customers. 

  • Teimuraz Natanelov

    R&D Team Leader

    An experienced software architect and expert in the inception and deployment of secure applications, Teimuraz is responsible for key structural and product design elements for eVision, as well as platform stability, performance and ongoing development.

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